Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bleached Tee Give Away

Know anyone who's size is extra small? Or maybe you'd like to cut it up to make something altered? I'd like to give this away to the first person to leave me a comment.

Sleeves are folded in so you can see a little design there.

This was for a bleach challenge. It was a last minute attempt. I thought the bleach would make it white but it started out this dark rose eventually turning to a light pink. I was going to use fabric paint over where I beached but time was running out for submission and I was too late.

I just "painted the bleach on directly with a paint brush. Very fun. I'm going to try this again sometime with a fabric that'll bleach white.


Make Mine Pink said...



pattie said...

well...I am an extra small and would love to finish this...a collaboration of sorts!!
I will send you my addy...

brenda said...

The shirt is awesome! I really love it! I'm sorry you didn't have enough time to send it in. I'm an xl--so I can't use the shirt--but wanted to let you know that I looked and Loved!
brenda bliss

Danielle said...

Kelly you commented first so thank you and if you email me where to send it I'll put it the mail tomorrow. Thanks to everyone else for taking the time to look and comment and for your kind words.