Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photoshop & Calibration

Having spent the weekend getting inspiration from blogging photographers
I experimented with adjusting layers curves and levels and achieved
the above from the image below.

Another image where I used adjusting layers and
applied filters to a duplicate background layer.

I will soon be selling images in my etsy store and
purchased a pigment ink printer but still have
not done much printing with it. I spent the afternoon
calibrating, testing profiles, and learning to take
advantage of soft proofing. Here's a shot of my prints.
1) I choose wrong paper type. 2) cheap paper software choose moniter profiles turned off printer color management, 3) used paper profile turned off printer color management, 4) used soft proof and did a quick correction before printing. I like (3) it's just a little dark and will have to try again. I won't have two different images on the same page next time.


Ann said...

wish i had your knowledge about photoshop...i have it and still don't understand it!!! i can't even seem to get basic layers down!!

Danielle said...

Thanks for the kind comments Ann. I started scanning my film photos 14 years ago and first used software from cameras, printers and scanners which I think helped when I finally got photoshop.