Thursday, July 30, 2009

Resin Papers

Using pages of an old dictionary this is my second attempt at coating paper in resin.
This is a shot of the text side with the sunlight behind the page.
You can see the transparency and the tree images printed on the other side.

These look more gray because they were in the shade and on the gray suede.
These are the "front side of the pages. This is my second try,
next time I'll leave the pages whole. then cut out what I want.

This is more their true color.
I may bind some in a tiny book.


Terry Pitzel said...

I love the look of resin on paper. I will have to try it, so you poured a thin layer on the paper.


Danielle said...

Terry, I "painted" it on with a disposable sponge brush. Thanks for looking.

k9dancer said...

What kind of resin did you use? Did it come in a liquid form? Does it leave the paper stiff? Looks cool!

Danielle said...

I used 5 min cure epoxy from the local hobby store, I already had some at home left over from airplane model making by my boys. It's dry more than humid here in No Cal so it drys a little too quick for me. I don't know much about resin there are many different forms. This comes(liquid) in 2 bottles and you pour into another container to mix per instructions. It's kind of stiff bends but you would crack it if you folded it. I suppose you could keep coating it and get it stiffer if you wanted. Thanks for visiting.

Peg said...

These are fantastic! Wow, I have to try this. I've coated tissue paper, but I love that text. Thanks for posting.