Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spread Some Happiness

My Mac of 5 years finally gave out right before Christmas. With 2 kids in college and one in high school, computer needs are great around here and I'm afraid I'll be waiting a while for a replacement. In the meantime we have a laptop with a broken screen connected to an external monitor. It is with much sadness that although I have everything backed up on an external drive, this laptop does not have the connection for it. :( Now here's the good news. The working monitor's images were not displaying properly and I could not work with any photos for weeks and had given up. That's when I got a comment on one of my photos. It really inspired me to try to get my photography going again. Somehow I got the monitor to display correctly and although I'm using Photoshop Elements instead of Photoshop and it's not my Mac I feel so good about creating again. Thank you Kim. Her positive message really hit me as I saw a show on PBS last night discussing happiness coming from people around you. Make someone happy today.

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