Friday, June 6, 2014

Foto Friday - Geo. Webb Santa Cruz

 Here's a nice couple, I'm thinking it's a wedding 
photo.  This cabinet card was taken by George 
Webb in Santa Cruz, California.  George was a  
photographer in Santa Cruz from around 
1890-1910.  Her dress and the simplicity of the 
card seem to point to the earlier of these dates. 

 I'm not sure if he's wearing a prosthesis or they added 
his hand to the photo but the color is off and it 
seems large.  It also looks to me like George may 
have added some of those curly locks on his forehead.
It could also be that all of this man' image was added 
to the photo of the woman. He seems small in 
proportion to her.  It was not usual for photographers 
to add a missing person to a photograph.

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